Written Testimonials

"If you had asked me a year ago if I would enjoy riding so much I would not have believed it. Thank you"

Darren Berry, Cornwall

"I would like to say i totally enjoyed the two days training with Greg; he was easy to get on with and always put information over in a way i could understand and take in. I feel this has improved my riding and has certainly improved my hazard perception skills and made me a safer rider."

Ian Hazelton. Somerset

"As the training was specifically tailored for me I don’t think there’s anything you could have added to my experience.  I felt that had I identified other issues either beforehand or during the day Greg would have helped me with those too. I felt the training was flexible, specific to my needs and helped enormously in moving me towards building my confidence in both my skills and my machine. A thoroughly enjoyable day. Thank you."

Maggie Siviter.  Somerset

"There is nothing like hands-on experience and immediate comments on your riding when stopping after each section, something you cannot get from books alone. Overall it would be hard to think of a better way for a rider to become safer and more confident on the road than by having a Max Rider day."

Roger Hayford. Torbay

"I had a great session with Greg.  I would highly recommend Max Rider.  I didn't feel like I was treated like a beginner and everything that you advised me was not scripted from a manual.  It was intended for my personal riding, which was appreciated.  Thank you."

Josh. Newquay


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