Biker Down



Welcome to Biker Down, the FREE motorcycle first aid course designed by bikers for bikers




Biker Down is a first aid scheme run by the Fire Bike Team, designed specifically for treating injured riders.

The course is split into three parts, and lasts some three hours.




This first session looks at scene management and kicks off covering the basics like how you can prevent making a bad situation worse by getting hurt yourself before moving on to explain how to assess and decide on the most appropriate action to take. After establishing that you’re not at risk yourself, the next crucial thing to do is to make sure the bike’s engine has stopped and assess the

scene – establish how many people you’re dealing with, how can you protect the injured rider and other road users, and an order of actions. May be you have time to position your bike safely a fair distance before the scene of the accident with its hazard lights on to warn approaching traffic of the danger ahead.


This second session is delivered by fully-qualified life support instructors and covers what to do

in various scenarios – if the rider is injured but talking, if the rider is injured, but unconscious and so on. Some of the issues tackled include trauma and the mechanism of injury, snatch rescues, basic life support techniques, CPR and when and how to remove a crash helmet. Obviously, you’ll want to avoid removing a lid wherever possible, but if someone’s not breathing, chances are they won’t survive anyway, so removing the helmet may be the only way to save them. There’s plenty of chance

to practice each technique under the watchful eyes of the instructor, and they’ll only move on once

everybody’s happy.


The final session delves in to the science behind SMIDSY accidents and explores how riders can make

themselves more visible to other road users; refreshingly, the answer isn’t head-to-toe fluorescent clothing.


The course is open to everyone, regardless of ability or the bike they ride. All three modules are

interactive, while the treatment element is very hands-on. At the end of the day, participants receive a free bikers first aid kit, certificate, a crash card (see opposite page) and a ‘Great Roads, Great Riders’ rider skills DVD


Biker Down is launching at the Devon travel Academy, Westpoint, Exeter, on Saturday 6th June.


Email or call 01392 444773.